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Southern California Rehab

Substance abuse and addiction impact millions of lives each year in the United States. According to California Health Care Foundation, in 2018 almost 8% of Californians alone suffered from drug overuse disorder, but unfortunately, only 10% out of those got the addiction treatment they needed. And although there are plenty of Drug rehab programs in CA, ew addicts find the treatment beneficiary in their journey of a lifetime of sobriety. Therefore, at Heavenly Centre we not only help people recover but also enable people to rediscover their passions.

Our ultimate goal is to give all our patients a meaningful life at the end of this journey because at this Southern California Rehab we believe that once an individual finds the purpose of their life it becomes easier for him to stay sober and he/she ends up enjoying the new life much more than drugs. Our drug rehab treatment in California is unique and beyond anything, you can find.

  1. Plans Customised just for you: We bring peace and comfort into your and your loved one’s life by offering plans that best suit your mind. Our holistic approach is not surrounded by conventional methods, rather we focus on healing the individual on a mental, physical and spiritual level. Your entire treatment plan will meet your specific needs and requirement to give you a unique yet effective healing experience.

  2. Wholesome Counselling: Our highly trained therapist will always be there for you. Throughout your journey, we will aim to make you feel content with our group as well as individual therapy sessions. Each one of our professionals will work on reducing your internal suffering and help you break down barriers that interfere with your emotional well-being and eventually become the cause of your addiction.

  3. Support of Like-minded in a Nurturing Environment: A huge role in the recovery process is played by our fellow guests. Sharing difficulties, emotions, fears, concerns, and passion with people like you makes a huge impact. It is our pride to provide you a safe environment where you can open up, surround yourself with positive people, and identify the true meaning of their life with ease.

  4. Recovery without Judgement: Here we do not judge people on how they fight their way through recovery, but we are only here to make sure that people do recover. Every part of recovery will be dedicated to finding out who you are, what caused your addiction, and we can help you to recover it? Our deep understanding only allows us to give you the care you need in your recovery.

  5. With or Without Affiliation with Religion: The programs we design require no affiliation with the religion. You will find us supportive in your every decision. If have faith that the religion you believe in will benefit you in your journey then you will find us by your side. But if you don’t want to associate yourself with any religion then we will never dictate you to do otherwise.

  6. Favorable Prices: You may not find reliable free drug rehab centers but we surely provide the finest Low-cost addiction treatment in CA. Also, we don’t believe in keeping the client in dark, our admissions officer after reviewing your treatment plan will give you an accurate breakdown of cost so that before beginning your treatment you would know what to expect.

To know more about our treatment program don’t be hesitant to give us a call. Contact the Heavenly Center for the best outpatient addiction treatment in all of California: 855-9THCNOW