Inpatient Depression Treatment Center

Article provided by: The Holistic Sanctuary

Depression is a debilitating and possibly a life-threatening condition. At The Holistic Sanctuary, we know that it can destroy lives in the blink of an eye, which is why we have developed the perfect system to fight it. Our inpatient depression treatment center stands as proof of that.

How to deal with depression

The best way of dealing with depression revolves around adopting a multi-core strategy. Our holistic approach is perfect for that. Depression comes with a variety of symptoms, has a multitude of causes, and can affect your life in numerous aspects. As a result, the treatment is by no means easy or simple.

This is why our holistic form of treatment is the best when it comes to countering and managing both the short-term and long-term effects of depression. We have developed the Pouyan Method to deal with depression and various forms of addiction fast and effectively. It comprises of tools such as:

  • Daily NAD IV therapy which promotes cellular regeneration
  • Physical detoxification via green coffee enemas
  • Diet reworking for optimal nutrient intake
  • Reiki healing therapy
  • Massage sessions
  • Yoga for physical and mental rejuvenation
  • Hyperbaric chamber treatments, etc.

Depression and substance abuse

In many cases, people suffering from depression turn to drugs or alcohol, attempting to alleviate their symptoms and ease the suffering. In others, their substance addiction triggers depression as a co-occurring disorder. Whatever the situation, we have an answer for it. Our inpatient depression treatment center promotes healthy living while addressing the roots of your problems.

With the help of the Pouyan Method an under the guidance of our experts, you will:

  • Cleanse your body of residual toxins
  • Improve your eating habits
  • Regain your confidence and mental toughness
  • Achieve more mental clarity and better visualize your goals
  • Regain your spiritual freedom
  • Build the foundation for a better life, etc.

Our recovery system will provide you with the tools to not only defeat depression for good but improve your life in all aspects as well. It is, in every sense of the word, a personal development process that has changed the lives of numerous people so far.

The best treatment for depression

In our view, the best treatment is one that doesn’t rely on medication as the primary tool. While medication can help in some aspects, it is far more damaging than beneficial in the long run. To avoid the downfalls of traditional medicine, we propose a vastly different approach. The treatment we’re using is holistic in nature, addressing the holy trinity of naturalistic healing – body, mind, and spirit.

We are using a treatment protocol that uses a variety of tools to achieve optimal results. These include:

  • PTSD and trauma support sessions
  • Ayahuasca and DMT guided ceremonies
  • Daily IV drips with proprietary formulas
  • Daily sea salt baths, etc.

Only at our inpatient depression treatment center will you get the opportunity to test the effects of the Pouyan Method. The Holistic Sanctuary is a pioneer in dealing with addiction and any associated co-occurring conditions like depression, PTSD, and anxiety. Call us and embrace your new chance for a better life!

inpatient depression treatment center

Inpatient Depression Treatment Center