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At Clear Life Recovery, we offer comprehensive drug treatment in Costa Mesa. We have a variety of drug treatment programs available to suit the needs of each individual addiction case. Our programs include detox, residential program, Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), and an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). Contact us to find out more.

Common misconceptions about substance abuse and treatment

People commonly believe that drug addiction is simply due to bad life choices and a lack of willpower or motivation to quit drug use habits. There’s even some debate in the medical community about whether substance abuse is actually a disease or not. However, the causes are far more complex, often involving several socioeconomic and biological factors.

While all people start using drugs or alcohol through their own volition, any subsequent addiction issues are due to complex changes in brain chemistry. In many cases, people first start abusing drugs to drown negative feelings of sorrow, pain, depression, and grief.

People often initially feel pleasurable highs when consuming the drug or alcohol due to the secretion of the brain chemical dopamine. After repeated substance use, they require increasing dosages of the drug to release the dopamine and feel pleasure. This is when the addiction starts because the body and brain are chemically dependent on the substance.

What are the types of treatment programs available

Modern substance abuse recovery treatments are quite diverse and more personalized than they were in the past. Now, there are options such as residential inpatient programs, Partial Hospitalization Programs (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP). If you’re looking for drug treatment in Costa Mesa that’s inclusive of all these options, give us a call.

In residential inpatient programs, for example, patients stay in the rehab facility for the duration of their treatment, where they receive full psychological and medical support. This is generally better for people who have severe addiction issues or at the very early stages of recovery and are still prone to relapsing.

In an IOP, patients get to live at home and carry out their normal daily routine while receiving treatment. They only have to visit the clinic for a few hours per week. A PHP is like a bridge between a residential and IOP, where it’s less intense than a residential program but more intense than an IOP.

Common signs of substance abuse

Do you suspect that a loved one abuses drugs or alcohol? The most obvious signs are visible, such as a marked change in their appearance with fluctuations in weight, redness in the eyes, compulsive drug or alcohol use, etc.

You’ll also see behavioral changes such as intense mood swings, lashing out when you question them about their substance use. There is increasing withdrawal from social life and the frequent missing of occupational or academic responsibilities. You’ll also notice frequent financial problems.

If you suspect someone you love abuses drugs, they need treatment as early as possible. Contact us at Clear Life Recovery if you’re searching for drug treatment in Costa Mesa.

Drug Treatment Costa Mesa
Drug Treatment Costa Mesa
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