Alcohol Detox

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Alcohol Detox

Alcohol tops the list of the most abused substance in the U.S., mainly because it’s legal and easily accessible. Many people use alcohol to cope with unpleasant emotions and situations in life. If this turns into a habit, they develop tolerance which encourages more consumption. Long-term excessive consumption leads to alcohol addiction, which is hard to control or stop at will.

At Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5, we provide the finest alcohol detox program. This is usually the first step of alcohol abuse disorder treatment. Alcohol detox allows our guests to attend therapy and receive counseling without struggling with intense cravings or withdrawal symptoms that come with quitting alcohol.

About Our Alcohol Detox Program

Detox from alcohol is usually more unpleasant and risky in comparison to other substances. This is because alcohol use disorder affects multiple systems in the body.

Intoxication from alcohol raises blood pressure, exerting strain on the circulatory system. Alcohol has a dehydrating effect, which undermines the function of kidneys and increases the risk of kidney stones. Further, alcohol blocks the activity of neurotransmitters in the brain and depresses the central nervous system, causing slow reflexes, slurred speech, among other symptoms.

Quitting drinking shocks the central nervous system, leading to effects such as tremors, anxiety, a fast heart rate, irritability, and headaches. The damage done to body organs by excessive alcohol intake makes detoxification harder to get through and increases the risk of life-threatening medical complications.

That is why we offer medical detox to minimizes alcohol withdrawal symptoms during detoxification. Our medical staff also provides round-the-clock monitoring to address any arising issues during the detoxification process.

Our Alcohol Detox Approach

Before beginning alcohol detox, we’ll conduct a thorough clinical evaluation. This is when we find out the extent of your addiction and the type of treatment program that’s perfect for you.

Next, we offer a 4-day stabilization program or 8-day medical detox. The stabilization program is ideal if you’ve relapsed while on alcohol addiction treatment. Our 8-day detox is recommended if you need complete detoxification and require medication to help ease withdrawal.

During detox, our guests work with a therapist and case manager to manage any physical or psychological challenges they may encounter. This ensures that you have the support you need to prevent relapse and recover from the effects of excessive alcohol use.

The team at our leading alcohol detox treatment centers prepares guests for the next step of treatment during detox. This is because you need other forms of treatment that support long-term sobriety for true recovery from alcohol dependency. We let our guests know the importance of keeping up with treatment after completing detoxification and identify the best programs for them.

Get Help for Your Alcohol Dependency

Alcohol can be a hard substance to quit due to the physical and mental dependency it causes and intense withdrawal symptoms. But with our medically-assisted alcohol detox program, you’ll find it much easier to stop drinking and begin a life of sobriety. At Royal Life Centers at Chapter 5, we’ll create an individualized detox program for you based on our clinical evaluation of your addiction. Contact Chapter Recovery Center for the best addiction therapies. Receive a free consultation and verify your insurance: 877-recovery/877-732-6837.