Addiction Recovery Program Scottsdale

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Addiction Recovery Program Scottsdale

Since there is a high demand for upscale addiction treatment in Scottsdale, Soul Surgery Rehab has created the premier addiction recovery program in Scottsdale. We have a men's and women's recovery program, each of which is gender-responsive.
Soul Surgery Rehab is licensed by the state of Arizona and Joint Commission Accredited. We have some of Arizona's best licensed therapists who provide group and one-on-one therapy sessions, and we supplement this care with Yoga, meditation, a gymnasium, and all kinds of other amenities and activities. This is an integral part of our addiction recovery program in Scottsdale.

Soul Surgery Rehab Provides Comprehensive Addiction Treatment Services

Soul Surgery Rehab is very high-end and upscale. We have a very lovely, extensive treatment facility with access to several quality sober living homes for our program graduates. Many of our patients come to rehab after leaving an environment that is not conducive to long-term sobriety, and it wouldn't make sense for them to return to those environments after graduating an addiction recovery program. If they did that, it would just be a matter of time until they relapse.

Benefit from a Customized Recovery Program

When you attend our addiction recovery program in Scottsdale, you will quickly discover that your recovery program will differ from other people's recovery programs. Depending on your needs, background, personality, and other factors, we will customize a treatment plan that is specific to you. For example, some people benefit from trauma therapy, art therapy, and other holistic treatments. On the other hand, some people will not respond as well to the same program.

We Want You to Succeed in Recovery

You'll feel at home when you go to rehab at Soul Surgery Rehab, which is exactly how we want you to feel. There's no institutional look or feel here. You'll feel cozy and welcome after a hard day's work of therapy and working your recovery program. It doesn't feel medical, it doesn't feel like a hospital, and it doesn't feel like a jail here - it feels like home! We want you to know that we understand how hard it is to be in treatment at times, but getting the help you need is well worth it!

Your Program Will Work if You Work it

At some point, you might be overwhelmed with emotions as you pick up the pieces of your life and try to put them back together again. Feelings of guilt and remorse may set in while you're in rehab, but this is natural. Also, many of our patients start to feel lonely, as they have left loved ones, friends, and family behind to attend rehab. Others will wonder what is wrong with them, and why they are 'so messed up.' Just know, Soul Surgery Rehab will do all that we can to make the rehabilitation process pleasant, smooth, and enjoyable, but do note that recovery does not come without pain and discomfort. You have to want it more than anything else in your life!

Addiction Recovery Program Scottsdale
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Addiction Recovery Program Scottsdale
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