Long Term Residential Drug Treatment

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Drug addiction is a leading world problem right now. People from all communities are victims to it, thus increasing the demand for long term residential drug treatment. At The Riverbank House, we provide the services that you are looking for. Our services are professional and aim at patient satisfaction.

What is a residential drug treatment program?

This facility targets users with serious drug-related issues, including adults or teenagers. People in residential programs usually live away from home. This proves better for the patients as expert staff supervises and takes care of them.

At our center, the staff and complete support are there for the patient throughout the day. These programs are full of communities having similar problems. This promotes a healthy relationship among everyone, which is necessary for sound treatment.

The advantages of long term drug recovery

Long term recovery has the edge over traditional short term recovery programs. In this case, we shape a whole new routine and habits of a patient. Moreover, careful evaluation of the emotional, physical, and mental state of the victim results in more appropriate treatments.

At our centers, experts in the domain choose the services. Group therapy is one of them which has been our success point. These services make our long term residential drug treatment stand out from others.

Finding the best long term program.

Consider the following things before selecting a long term rehab program:

  • License: This is the most common problem encountered when choosing a rehab program. Always check if the treatment center has a valid license. The fake license results in improper care and treatment, hence risking your loved one's life.
  • Check Reviews: Never forget to check the feedback from the prior customers. Visit the website of the center and check the review section. Look for positive reviews by the families of victims.
  • Location: Give the location priority. Recovery centers far away from your home can result in emotional distress for the families and the victim. Considering the location can also decrease the program expenses as travel charges cost lesser.

Short term residential programs vs. long term residential programs

Experts say that a person's brain takes 90-180 for the reformation of its neural pathways. In this duration, the brain starts to adapt and learn to live without chemicals. This gives long term residential drug treatment an edge over short term programs. The reason why long term recovery programs exist is because of the ineffectiveness of short term programs.

People often go back to drugs after short term programs. This makes these programs a waste of time, effort, and money. Such programs were popular due to lack of awareness, but now people are doing more research on this topic. Human life is precious, so don't take steps that can put it at risk.

The Riverbank House is here to take care of your loved ones. We realize the cost of human life. We treat patients like our family members in our community. Become drug and alcohol-free with our help today!

Long Term Residential Drug Treatment