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Article provided by: Cold Creek Addiction Treatment Lodge

Having experience in dealing with all forms of substance addiction over the years, we, at Cold Creek, know the suffering you must be going through. We invite you to our drug rehab center today, to help you escape the vicious cycle of addiction that is ruining your life.

Is addiction treatable?

Yes, all forms of addiction are treatable and the sooner you seek help, the faster and easier the results. While there is no cure for this disease in the classic sense of the word, it is a manageable disorder, which means you can live a normal, happy lifestyle post-treatment. Your only concern should be to prevent the relapse in the long run, and we will help you with that.

The difficult part, however, is deciding to join in the rehab in the first place. Most victims of addiction will resort to denial as their go-to strategy to avoid the treatment. But denying the problem will not prevent the inevitable – a certain, predictable personal and familial ruination. Your only chance of avoiding that is by starting the treatment as soon as possible.

How does the rehab work?

Upon arriving at our center, you will undergo several procedures, depending on your clinical status, including:

Preliminary screening – Our experts will collect critical information about your health status, medical history, substance abuse, etc. This data will allow us to have a clearer picture of your problems, and build a highly effective personalized treatment plan.

Detoxification – The detox procedure usually lasts for a couple of weeks, and its goal is to cleanse your organism and stabilize your mental functioning.

Evidence-based psychotherapy – Psychotherapies represent the heart of our drug rehab center. The Non-12 Step program includes a variety of high-end procedures like EMDR, CBT, behavioral therapy, mind-body bridging, etc., designed to redraw your mental and emotional map.

Dual-diagnosis treatment – Dealing with the co-occurring mental disorders is one of our priorities at our rehab center. The treatment will allow you to regain your mental composure and manage your co-occurring disorders for years to come.

Relapse prevention and family support – Preventing the relapse is one of the core principles of our rehabilitation treatment. We achieve that by teaching you the foundation of a healthy lifestyle, as well as working on solving your family problems.

Will the rehab work?

Yes, so long as you find the inner strength and determination to stick with the program. Since there will always be a risk of relapse, even after completing the treatment, you must prepare yourself for significant lifestyle changes along the way. During the rehabilitation program, you will regain control over your life, allowing you to grow, mature, and take responsibility for achieving your dreams.

At our drug rehab center, you will go through a lifestyle transformation process that will redefine who you are, as a person. We, the team at Cold Creek, aim to help people rediscover their true potential. Don’t allow addiction to define you – come to our facility and get your life back!

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