Cost Of An Intervention

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Whether you want to know details about the cost of an intervention, the procedure itself, or enlisting in a rehab treatment, we can help you. At Addiction Care Recovery Services, we fight for people’s right to a second chance.

The dangers of addiction

The biggest threat of substance addiction is the fact that it changes the victim’s personality. Repeated drug or alcohol abuse will soon alter the brain’s chemistry, disrupting the person’s ability to think and behave properly. As the individual’s behavior changes, everyone else close to the victim will feel the repercussions. It’s clear that addiction affects everybody around the addict, including friends, family members, and coworkers.

Another aspect worthy of mentioning is the defensive mechanisms that every addict will use to protect against the rehab. If you’ve ever had someone close to you struggle with addiction, you know how defensive the person can be, when confronted about their habits. It’s a problem because victims of addiction will often use this defensive behavior to refuse help, either denying the problem, or claiming that they can handle it themselves.

For these reasons, an intervention becomes a necessity, as it will allow you to break the manipulative behavior of the addict. While you can perform intervention-like meetings yourself, we recommend contacting us and have an expert interventionist on site. It will ensure the success of the procedure and restore the family dynamics to normal.

What is the point of an intervention?

The aim of a professional intervention is to convince addicts to join the rehab and change their lives for the better. The cost of an intervention is $2,800, plus traveling arrangements, which is nothing compared to the fortune that addicts usually spend to entertain their habits. The procedure itself relies on open discussion in a controlled, neutral setting, in the presence of an experienced interventionist.

We call the procedure a success if:

  • The participants all get to share their grievances
  • Everyone is honest and straightforward
  • The addict remains calm and collected
  • Codependent individuals understand the damaging nature of their behavior
  • The addict accepts to change and join the rehab
  • Everybody bonds, overcoming their problems and animosities

It is also possible for the intervention to fail, in case the addict refuses the treatment, regardless of our approaches during the intervention. At that point, our expert will have a follow-up plan that could turn things around, so long as everyone sticks to the strategy.

Why is intervention important?

It is important because it represents the addict’s first step towards getting help. Most victims of addiction will enter a denial mode whenever anyone confronts them about their behavior. This tendency is difficult to overcome, and it can jeopardize the addicts’ chances of ever getting the treatment they need.

This is why a professional intervention is not only welcome, but necessary. If you want to know more about the cost of an intervention or how the process works, contact us via our hotline! Addiction Care Recovery Services works for the wellbeing of the people and their families.