Christian Addiction Treatment

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If you seek a way to escape your addiction, you are already on the right path. At Pacific Hills Treatment Centers, we invite you to join our Christian addiction treatment and set your life on the right course!

The unseen dangers of addiction

The greatest danger of addiction is that it threatens to destroy not only your life but the lives of the people you love as well. You already know how addiction affects you, personally, but you may be oblivious to its effects on those around you. Your loved ones carry some of the burden with you, as your behavior and actions affect them greatly in the process. While they may do whatever they can to help you, you must first help yourself.

If you think you can control your addiction, you are wrong, and this mistake can cost you dearly in the future. This is a chronic disease that will not stop on its own, and you need professional assistance if you want to leave it into the past. Our mission is to guide you to a brighter future, one that bathes in hope, positivity, love, and freedom.

What is spiritual rehab?

Spiritual rehabilitation is the process of mending the spiritual wounds with the help of faith and prayer. Due to its nature, addiction will break people’s bodies, minds, and spirits, creating a void in their souls that only true faith will fill. Our rehab treatment works based on a 12-Step recovery system, which includes:

  • Small-group therapy and counseling
  • Behavioral and emotional trauma therapies (EMDR, neurofeedback, biosound therapy, etc.)
  • Physical recovery (improved nutrition, personalized fitness programs, nature walks, outdoor recreative activities)
  • Mental strengthening and addressing social phobias
  • Faith-based healing
  • Dual-diagnosis treatment, etc.

Defeating addiction isn’t as easy as taking a pill. It requires advanced knowledge and a combination of leading medical programs and innovative experiential therapies and healing procedures. Our Christian addiction treatment is a high-end holistic system that has transformed the lives of countless people and will change yours as well.

What is the cure for addiction?

Medically-speaking, there is no cure for addiction. The only way to defeat the disease is by forcing it into remission and adopt strict relapse prevention strategies to remain sober over the years. To achieve that, you must first acquire more profound knowledge about yourself and your place in the world.

We believe that the Christian philosophy can help you achieve that by re-establishing the connection between you and your Father in Heaven. We promote prayer, meditation, and self-discovery as the primary ways of embracing your true nature as a child of God. No matter how deep the hole you’re in, there is always salvation waiting for you at the surface. You only need to have hope and start climbing the walls to freedom; God will give you all the strength you need.

If you want to join our Christian addiction treatment today, contact us, at Pacific Hills Treatment Centers! Tell us your story, and we’ll tell you how to reach a happy ending!

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