Alcohol detox Palm Springs

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Alcohol detox Palm Springs

Billions of people savor alcohol worldwide, with millions of them exceeding the safe limit regularly. Data collected from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) shows that over 15 million Americans struggle with alcohol use disorder (AUD). Although people use alcohol for socializing, relieving stress, and anxiety, the compulsive consumption will have the opposite effect. At Phoenix Rising, we have created an oasis for those affected by alcohol addiction.

Our center of alcohol detox in Palm Springs is more than just a rehabilitation institution. The idea behind it was to construct a resort-like location where patients can enjoy their stay and not feel forced or constricted to do it. By providing our clients with a serene, peaceful, and luxurious environment, we have managed to create the optimal rehabilitation setting.

People in need of urgent clinical assistance come here not only for the state-of-the-art amenities but our treatment programs as well. We use experienced and accredited personnel only, primarily preoccupied with your immediate and long-term wellbeing. With their help, we have implemented some of the most inclusive programs, which don’t just treat the body, but the mind and the spirit at the same time. These include:

  • Clinical detoxification – Two of the most important aspects of treating alcoholism are – alleviate the withdrawal manifestations and minimize the cravings. The best way of doing that is with the help of alcohol detox in Palm Springs, a stage where we use aggressive medication to take control of the situation.

  • The Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) – This is the stage where we teach people to accept the problematic feelings they’re experiencing and learn how to control and overcome them. We consider this phase as being part of a maturing process, where individuals learn to cope with anger, grief, stress, and fear.

  • The Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – This is one of the most well-known psychotherapeutic procedures in the field of mental and cognitive health. Our specialists will use this procedure to address problems like anxiety, depression, PTSD, cognitive issues directly emerged from compulsive substance abuse and others.

  • The Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) – Another useful type of psychotherapy, this time designed to target issues linked to borderline personality disorder. It regulates unhealthy cognitive and emotional patterns that may support abnormal and dangerous tendencies, like self-harm, predisposition towards suicide and substance abuse.

  • 12-Step Program – This program first came in the attention of the general public in 1939, and since then it was adapted to modern clinical standards, as defined by the American Psychological Association. With the help of the 12-Step Program, patients will learn to admit their mistakes, accept they need help, and dedicate fully to their complete recovery.

We have managed to create the perfect rehabilitation environment here, at Phoenix Rising, where those looking for alcohol detox in Palm Springs can find all the support and the care they need. Alcohol addiction can be devastating in the long-term, not only for you but for those you love as well. Call us now and talk to one of our specialists about your problems! The sooner you act, the more natural the rehab process will be.

Alcohol detox Palm Springs
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